Preparing For The Coldest Season of the Year

roofingOf all the seasons, winter is the hardest to prepare for. Even in Arizona, each winter is different enough that, while the same basics apply to each one, there are enough differences that each homeowner has to deal with winter on their own. However, there is enough similarity between the situations that general guidelines can be devised to deal with most situations for example termite treatment phoenix.

The first step should be to inspect the home and look for any significant issues. Missing roof tiles are an obvious problem, as are gutters full of leaves. These need to be dealt with before the heavy rains come. Window and doors need to be inspected for any possible leaks, as they will increase warming costs. If present, the wood-burning stove should be cleaned, including the chimney; a dirty chimney, especially a dirty flue, can represent a significant safety hazard. The home should be as safe and energy-efficient as possible so as to be as warm, dry, and cost-effective as possible.

Stocking up should also be done as well. If there is a propane tank it should be filled well before winter starts. With everyone in the house, food stores will also be hit hard, so the pantry should be well-stocked before winter hits in order to avoid too many extra trips to the grocery store. This is also a great time to prepare for the holidays so as to avoid crowds. If you have a garden or fruit trees, now is a great time to pickle, jam, jar, and can as much of that as possible for the following months. You should also make sure that there are plenty of blankets and pillows, especially if you are expecting guests over, such as family or friends.

winter houseThen there are is preparing for the cold weather. Coats should be placed in areas where they can be gotten too easily, as well as galoshes and and winter footwear, if it has not been done so already. Snakes, fabric sleeves filled with rice, should be nailed to the back of doors in order to limit the possibility of winds slipping in under the doors. Rubberized mats should be placed at all entrances and exits in order to keep mud from coming into the house as a whole. Curtains should also be changed to thicker cloth in order to keep more of the warmth in the house.

Winter requires a lot of preparation in order to be survived. Take the preparations seriously, and winter will be an easy season to live through. Encourage help from the family to get everything ready, and it will be a great season!